marți, 11 octombrie 2016

A New Spa Salon in the Bucharest DownTown

Stress and busy schedule rob us of energy and if there's no beauty as fresh. To relax and enjoy the best spa treatments, professional massage and anti-stress therapy we invite you to choose Sansal Spa, the lastest spa salon from Bucharest Downton right inside Novotel Hotel.  Our professional trained staff is ready to give you a complete relaxation experience. At our spa salon you can try 12 different types of massage:

1. Swedish relaxing massage that represent massage for full body: head, back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, foot. It is recommened for mental and physical relaxation.
2. Relaxing aromatherapy that represents massage with delicately aromatic warm oils as lavander, basil, verbena, orange. It helps to release the stress and restore the natural body and min balance.
3. Tonifying massage that will be applied intensivly all over the body to optain an energizing effect.
4. Lomi Lomi Massage that represents a soothing massage applied gently with the forearms,elbow and hands.
5. Deep Tissue massage that helps relive muscular tension and stress.
6. Sports Massage that represent stretching maneuvers with joint manipulation to restore mobility of the tendons, joints and the entire musculoskeletal tissue.
7. Healing aromastone massage that is a geothermal technique that will be applied to drain aeffect and balance the energy meridians.
8. Reflexology Foot Massage that represents reflexing points activation, detoxifing the whole body and regulation metabolism.
9. De-stress back drainage that focus in the back are n acute and chronic problems that can be solved with a massage session.
10. Antistress head, neck and shoulders massage to release the stress from your whole body.
11. Anti-cellulite Massage that helps body to fast burn the fat. This massage technique is good for the body parts as: thighs, buttocks, abdomen and arms
12. Prenatal Intuitiv Massage that is recommended for pregnant women. This type of massage relaxes the tense muscles, improves overall circulation and mobility.

Come and try our services, our prices start from 19 €.

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