luni, 17 octombrie 2016

Why virtual tours are important in real estate

If you have a comp[any that is selling properties (any kind of real estate company that is selling things) then you have to try Tour Wizard as a real estate virtual tours creator and offer to the potential clients the best presentation that they have ever saw on the internet or in real life - as this presentation will contain all the details that anyone can see, all the informations that are presented in a brochure can be also implemented in any presentation, and more than everything, this virtual tour presentation will help in selling a property without much effort, as it really helps with the online marketing and also with the sales.

At the same time, another huge advantage consists in the fact that a certain user will not make an appointment for a visit, unless he is really very interested on that property - so less hassle and less work for the field agent, whose time would be more efficiently used.

Also - besides Tour Wizard there are other solutions as well, but the value of the Tour Wizard is way higher due to the fact that it comes with a lot of features, it comes with the best support ever, it comes with a lot of innovative and interesting things and it is improving continuously - a thing where the other solutions that are similar do not excell.

So, as a conclusion we are recommending the Tour Wizard as the BEST virtaul tours solution for the real estate industry, as this piece of software managed to improve on all aspects of property transactions (buy or sell) and improve the efficienty of the real estate companies by 50% - which means that a single software managed to change the whole industry only in 2 years more than all the other technological gains in the last 100 years.

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