sâmbătă, 29 octombrie 2016

De ce se monteaza rulouri din aluminiu la geamuri

Tamplarie-pvc-al.ro reprezinta locul ideal de unde pot fi gasite cele mai moderne solutii pentru orice locuinta sau spatiu comercial, clientii avand parte de servicii de calitate, dar si de preturi accesibile pentru toate buzunarele. La mare cautare sunt rulourile din aluminiu, deoarece acestea reprezinta o solutie grozava pentru orice locuinta. Lamelele acestor rulouri sunt umplute cu spuma poliuretanica astfel incat sa se asigure o foarte buna izolare fonica si termica. De asemenea, se folosesc cele mai noi tehnologii la procesul de fabricatie, pentru ca toate detaliile sa fie bine puse la punct, iar finisajele sa fie perfecte.

Mai mult confort

In plus, carcasele si ghidajele sunt aplicate pe lateral, iar pentru protejarea acestora pana in momentul
montajului, se aplica o folie de plastic subtire si usor de indepartat. Exista o gama foarte variata de culori pentru rulouri din aluminiu, astfel incat fiecare client sa isi gaseasca modelul preferat. Cele mai populare sunt maroul si albul, acestea fiind si cele mai accesibile din punct de vedere financiar, existand posibilitatea de a fi inclusa si o plasa de insecte. Pentru ca traim intr-o era tot mai tehnologizata, iar multe persoane isi doresc sa se bucure de confort, exista posibilitatea montarii unui sistem actionat de un motor cu telecomanda sau de senzori de vant.

Avantajele aluminiului

Chiar daca multi apeleaza in continuare la rulourile din lemn, cele din aluminiu vin cu o serie importanta de avantaje de la izolarea termica si cea fonica, la protejarea impotriva musafirilor nepoftiti, dar si a vremii capricioase, precum si posibilitatea de a fi personalizate. Aceste rulouri din aluminiu pot aduce intimitatea si discretia pe care si-o doresc cei care locuiesc in case sau blocuri foarte apropiate unele de altele. Mai mult, se pot face economii la electricitate atat iarna, cat si vara pentru incalzirea sau racirea locuintei.

luni, 17 octombrie 2016

Why virtual tours are important in real estate

If you have a comp[any that is selling properties (any kind of real estate company that is selling things) then you have to try Tour Wizard as a real estate virtual tours creator and offer to the potential clients the best presentation that they have ever saw on the internet or in real life - as this presentation will contain all the details that anyone can see, all the informations that are presented in a brochure can be also implemented in any presentation, and more than everything, this virtual tour presentation will help in selling a property without much effort, as it really helps with the online marketing and also with the sales.

At the same time, another huge advantage consists in the fact that a certain user will not make an appointment for a visit, unless he is really very interested on that property - so less hassle and less work for the field agent, whose time would be more efficiently used.

Also - besides Tour Wizard there are other solutions as well, but the value of the Tour Wizard is way higher due to the fact that it comes with a lot of features, it comes with the best support ever, it comes with a lot of innovative and interesting things and it is improving continuously - a thing where the other solutions that are similar do not excell.

So, as a conclusion we are recommending the Tour Wizard as the BEST virtaul tours solution for the real estate industry, as this piece of software managed to improve on all aspects of property transactions (buy or sell) and improve the efficienty of the real estate companies by 50% - which means that a single software managed to change the whole industry only in 2 years more than all the other technological gains in the last 100 years.

marți, 11 octombrie 2016

A New Spa Salon in the Bucharest DownTown

Stress and busy schedule rob us of energy and if there's no beauty as fresh. To relax and enjoy the best spa treatments, professional massage and anti-stress therapy we invite you to choose Sansal Spa, the lastest spa salon from Bucharest Downton right inside Novotel Hotel.  Our professional trained staff is ready to give you a complete relaxation experience. At our spa salon you can try 12 different types of massage:

1. Swedish relaxing massage that represent massage for full body: head, back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, foot. It is recommened for mental and physical relaxation.
2. Relaxing aromatherapy that represents massage with delicately aromatic warm oils as lavander, basil, verbena, orange. It helps to release the stress and restore the natural body and min balance.
3. Tonifying massage that will be applied intensivly all over the body to optain an energizing effect.
4. Lomi Lomi Massage that represents a soothing massage applied gently with the forearms,elbow and hands.
5. Deep Tissue massage that helps relive muscular tension and stress.
6. Sports Massage that represent stretching maneuvers with joint manipulation to restore mobility of the tendons, joints and the entire musculoskeletal tissue.
7. Healing aromastone massage that is a geothermal technique that will be applied to drain aeffect and balance the energy meridians.
8. Reflexology Foot Massage that represents reflexing points activation, detoxifing the whole body and regulation metabolism.
9. De-stress back drainage that focus in the back are n acute and chronic problems that can be solved with a massage session.
10. Antistress head, neck and shoulders massage to release the stress from your whole body.
11. Anti-cellulite Massage that helps body to fast burn the fat. This massage technique is good for the body parts as: thighs, buttocks, abdomen and arms
12. Prenatal Intuitiv Massage that is recommended for pregnant women. This type of massage relaxes the tense muscles, improves overall circulation and mobility.

Come and try our services, our prices start from 19 €.